“In Iowa, Euphoria Gives Way to Doubts About Obama” by Jeff Zeleny (TIMES, 11/3/09)

          Zeleny’s article had nice photos on pages A1 and A12 and lots of space for his copy, but little real information. 

          It would have been very helpful if he had given more background on the people he interviewed.  Why has a retired school nurse (workingclass) with a nice middleclass house, who seems to oppose the war in Afghanistan, been voting Republican for most of her life?

          Apparently, she and “all” of her “Republican friends” are concerned that Obama is not pushing a liberal program fast enough. When she said that, Zeleny could have asked her to explain why a life-long Republican would express such a view?

          Though I have often had trouble understanding the opinion of “middle America,” which have sometimes even given me nightmares, Zeleny’s piece is superficial to the point of being incomprehensible.


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