“Celebrating Revolution With Roots In a Rumor” by Dan Bilefsky (TIMES, 11/18/09)

          “It was a revolution that begun with a lie” in a country called Czechoslovakia trapped behind the iron curtain. Now we read of a celebration in a state known as the Czech Republic, “a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union.” 

          The existence of the Czech Republic and a separate Slovakian state as the result of the “velvet revolution” represents the second breakup of Czechoslovakia. The first dismemberment was the nasty work of Hitler’s Third Reich and was widely condemned in the USA.

          The “honest journalist” Dan Bilefsky is probably right in thinking the second dismemberment will be better than the first. Nevertheless, he should have bolstered his view by giving his readers more information about the actual social and economic conditions inside the Czech Republic and the advantages, if any, of its being a “partner” in the New World Order.


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