“Clinton Emerges…Unsteady Leader (TIMES, 11/20/09)”

          No, Hillary Rodham Clinton is not the knight on a white horse who can save Afghanistan. There have been enough American proconsuls, some still bungling along, who played that role to no avail.

          The U.S commander-in-chief should be the one in charge and his only course of action for Afghanistan is an exit strategy. Better assignments can be found for the U.S officials (Petraeus, McChrystal, Holbrooke) who are still trying to win Rumsfield’s folly and advancing their own personal ambitions.

           Over 900 U.S service members have already died in this nasty little war and there is no end in sight. And the cost in dollars is staggering to a country mired in a “Great Recession.”

          A good general knows when to retreat, especially from a situation created by other, less competent leaders. President Obama has to muster up the courage to tell the people the truth; i.e, the war in Afghanistan is NOT necessary.


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