“Obama Team Defends Policy on Afghanistan” (TIMES, 12/3/09)

          The two-party minuet remains a dance of death to democracy in the USA. With each passing day U.S “democracy” continues to crumble in an atmosphere of empty words and false promises that confuse and anger our people. 

          Nevertheless, my congratulations to Elizabeth Bumiller’s revelation that there is no deadline for the withdrawal from Afghanistan. If the situation looks bad for a pullout in July 2011, the U.S forces will remain in place. That means Obama spoke out of both sides of his mouth.

          Obama is standing in quicksand up to his knees. The more he wiggles from side to side, the more he sinks into the mush of a Blue Dog policy. When that  arrogant war minister, Donald H. Rumsfield, boasted that he didn’t do quagmires, he was wrong.

          After that sorry speech at West Point, what will Obama’s next move be?


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