“U.S. Companies Race to Take Advantage of Iraqi Oil Bonanza” (TIMES, 1/4/10)

          Ain’t the New World Order something? The withdrawal of U.S forces from Iraq hasn’t yet been completed and the big oil and engineering corporations are salivating at the profits they want to make. 

          Read the list (in fact, copy down the names) and beware: Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Weatherford International, Schlumberger, KBR, Bechtel, and Parsons! Like the vultures they are, the new robber barons are ready to cash in on the unnecessary war that cost the lives of over 4000 U.S service people.

          They know how to run things, these jackals brag, and they are anxious to get in on the ground floor. I wonder if they will raise a monument to the former shadow president or will Dick Cheney get some kind of “finder’s fee”?

          With all the help he extended to such corporate hustlers, it should be as large as the Statue of Liberty. Only, please, don’t erect it in beautiful New York Harbor!


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