“Teacher WIth a Bible Divides an Ohio Town” (TIMES, 1/20/10)


          I wonder if a Mount Vernon Marxist teacher could put up a sign in his classroom that stated “religion is the opium of the masses, the sigh of the oppressed”? 

          In this “devoutly Christian” town, could a Buddhist criticize the basic teachings on the New Testament? Could a Jew argue that Christ was not the true messiah?

          Can one really believe, as does Pastor Don Matolyak, that it would be easier to display the Koran in a Mount Vernon classroom than a Bible?

          Religious “virtue” (not just Christian) has frequently masked village idiocy. Religious zealots (not just Christian) are often close-minded morons impossible to reason with.

          Long live the intellectual freedom of the “terrible” big city such religious hypocrites continually denigrate! The air may be fresher in bucolic Mount Vernon; the intellectual atmosphere is much better here in Los Angeles.


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