“CIA Bolsters Pakistan Spies With Wary Eye” (TIMES, 2/25/10)

          The I/9 detention center sounds like it came from a Hollywood movie script.  Have the CIA leaders there been watching too many James Bond films?

           The longer the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan continue, the more leeway such faceless tricksters of the New World Order (NWO) will have. Some of these bored smartalecks looking for interesting work belong in mental institutions. What kind of victory can such people win?

          If we are ever able to settle this mess created by the shadow presidency of 2001-2009, there should be a thorough investigation of the CIA operatives and their pals in the ISI. 

         Meanwhile, the U.S. death toll in Iraq is 4369 and in Afghanistan s 993, and some spokespeople of the NWO think both wars might last much longer than anticipated.


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