“Not as Dull as Expected!” by David Brooks & “Afflicting The Afflicted” by Paul Krugman (TIMES, 2/26/10)

          In a comparison of Paul Krugman and David Brooks, I’ll take the former every time, in good part because I am a Marxist radical. Nevertheless, the difference in their reports of the Blair House health care forum reveals how bad a columnist the latter is.

          Brooks claims he attended the forum ” as cynical as everybody else,” a remark that might expose his own predisposition, but which cannot be applied to “everybody else.” The very use of the overworked “cynical,” when skeptical is the proper word, exposes Brooks for the close-minded conservative that he really is.

          And while Krugman supported his points with information that can be checked, Brooks offered opinions not necessarily based on the truth. The former accused Republican Lamar Alexander of lying and backed it up; the latter thought him genial and intelligent (but never said why).

          The difference between these two columnists is not simply in their beliefs. Krugman supports his points with evidence; Brooks doesn’t.


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