“The Government War” by David Brooks (TIMES, 4/23/10)

          The first paragraph of David Brooks’ latest column is as good an example of doubletalk as would appear any place else I know of, complete with the oxymoron “progressive conservatism.”

          Then, of course, he repeats the old saw that “the world is more complex than we can know” as justification for exploitation of the majority by a moneyed minority. After which, he presents his usual distortions of the political situation; e.g., “the two parties have drifted further to the extremes.” On the contrary, the rash Republicans have stirred up the many rightists in their ranks to move even further in that direction, while the cautious Democrats have tried to stay planted in the center.

          But it makes no difference. In the hands of ruthless advisers like Karl Rove and the many media whores on the Republican Party payroll, the center is demonized as leftist. 

          If anything can be called “stale,” it is the meanderings in this despicable op-ed piece by a self-styled moderate conservative, culminating in the oft-repeated big lie that “the Republicans are the small government party.”

          Was the government small from January 2001 to January 2009 when Shadow President Dick Cheney briefed the titular executive every Thursday morning? Can a government that started two wars in the Middle East, a situation which dangerously enhanced the opportunities of ambitious military leaders, be called small?

          The Republican party is the party of war and war necessitates a big government. How odd that a smart guy like David Brooks has missed that!

          When this hack takes aim at the big government spending for the military, I’ll consider referring to him as “moderate.” Right now, he is as reactionary as his hero Edmund Burke was in the 18th century.


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