“The Pain Caucus” by Pal Krugman (TIMES, 5/31/10)

          Why does Paul Krugman use the word “recovery” to describe the economic situation in the United States? The very fact that he modified this “recovery” as “still-fragile” would indicate that the economy might not be recovering.

          Then, he goes on to say that the present economic state of the country is not likely to improve by making the “unemployed suffer,” as “conventional economic wisdom” is advocating.

          When the alleged “recovery” began, it was modified by the word “jobless,” which strongly contradicts such a claim. Jobless recovery is an oxymoron; a “still fragile economic recovery” is little better.

          Therefore, it is necessary for a perceptive economic analyst like Krugman to spell out why he thinks the U.S. economy is recovering.


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