“Two Theories Of Change” by David Brooks (TIMES, 5/25/10)

          Did the recent conservative governments of the USA, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II (aka: the shadow presidency), emphasize “modesty, gradualism and balance”?

          The list of conservative raiders who dismantled the progressive New Deal programs would be too long to list here, beginning as early as 1946 with the passage of the Taft-Hartley Act. They hardly acted modestly, gradually or with balance, resembling the Confederate raider, Nathan Bedford Forrest, as they slashed through the legislation that offered some relief to the underclass and the promise of lasting improvements.

          Did the recent shadow presidency (2001-2009) conduct itself with “modesty, gradualism and balance”? On the contrary, it was the epitome of arrogance, haste and service to the upper class.

          “Moderate” conservative David Brooks should show more balance in his writing. But, “human nature” being what it is, I guess there is no hope for change in that direction.


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