“With U.S. Aid, Warlord Builds Afghan Empire” (TIMES, 6/6/10)

          Does anybody in the Obama administration have any idea how and when the “necessary” war in Afghanistan is going to end? Can the U.S commander there answer these questions?

          U.S. forces entered Afghanistan in 2001 and, midway into 2010, there is little sign of a resolution.

          Private Afghan armies led by warlords who are financed by extortion and the opium trade and whose leaders have no loyalty to a necessary modernization program nor respect for democracy will hardly lead to a “victory” in that sorry country. If the blind leaders of the New World Order remove Matiullah Khan, will he be placed on the board of directors of Xe services (formerly Blackwater)?

          Young Americans unable to attend colleges or find decent jobs are being killed in this quagmire caused by an arrogant martinet (D.H. Rumsfeld) in the employ of a shadow presidency.

          President Obama, this abomination is NOT NECESSARY! It is enabling a lot of conventional officers nourished on Cold War propaganda to attain four-star ranks, after which they are given lucrative positions in big business.


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