Bob Herbert & David Brooks (Times, 6/8/10)

          The columns were properly arranged: Herbert’s on the left and Brooks’ on the right, a clear evaluation of the unemployment situation versus how to befriend “the Big Shaggy.” 

          Herbert shines a light on the economic crisis in the United States by reminding us of the actual condition of the workforce in this country and warning that it is likely to get worse.

          Brooks advises his readers to curl up with the Thucydides, Herodotus and Gibbon. Such reading will help them write “a clear  and concise memo”! (And take their minds off the problems confronting us all.)

          It is not just a matter of whether the readers veer left or veer right. Herbert states his case clearly, backs it up with convincing evidence and suggests remedies for our ailments. Brooks dodges the issues and distracts us with philosophical maunderings.

          Big Shaggy? Maybe Brooks needs a dog at his feet when he composes his columns?


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