“Dexter Filkins & Bob Herbert (TIMES, 6/12/10)”

          With 1090 U.S. service members dead as the result of the Afghan War and almost 4400 having died in Iraq, those two perceptive reporters are voices of reason in a political environment dominated by moronic patriots.

          The USA should withdraw from both quagmires before the muck is up to the neck. Neither war is necessary. The problems evident in both countries cannot be solved by a genuinely-elected American president anymore than they could by a shadow presidency.

           The only Americans who benefit from these wars are the profiteers, well-paid mercenaries and senior officers who will parlay such “service” into lucrative careers in business or politics.

          Will General David Petraeus be the Republican candidate for president in 2012 or 2016?

          Meanwhile, wounded rank and file U.S servicepeople are having trouble getting proper medical care.


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