“Trim the ‘Experts,’ Trust the Locals” by David Brooks (TIMES, 6/18/10)

          Trust the locals in New Orleans, where it’s easier to build a gambling casino than a health clinic? Is David Brooks serious? After Hurricane Katrina, the people should trust the motley crew of conservative politicians (Democratic and Republican) who hold sway there? What a hare-brained idea!

          The state and local politicians of Louisiana neglected the warnings about the possibility of New Orleans being flooded and they looked the other way while BP cut corners on safety measures in their drilling operations.

          The mess in the Gulf of Mexico is the result of big corporations bribing dishonest government officials, local, state and federal, so they could maximize their profits. The guilty parties, both the bribers and the bribed, were guided by a conservative philosophy that persistently complained about any kind of supervision of the so-called “free enterprise system.” 

          Concerns for the safety of workers or the impact on the environment are consistently disregarded by these conservatives as burdensome “red tape.”

          As long as “profit” is the bottom line,” a mantra corporate representatives never tire of chanting, our society will continue to be in danger. OVERSIGHT by a federal government answerable to ALL the people is the only alternative.


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