“U.S Training of Pakistani Forces Is Facing Hurdles and Suspicion” (TIMES, 7/12/10)

          The United States is spending a lot of money in the borderlands of Pakistan to train a miniscule force that is currently overmatched by a much more experienced insurgent army.

           It seems fairly clear that any kind of effective resistance to Al Qaeda and the Taliban along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border is years from being attained.

          Success in irregular  warfare is not primarily a matter of training, however smart and dedicated are the trainers. Irregular forces exist within the embrace of a larger population of sympathizers to their cause. U.S. officers have seen it before.

          Apparently, the stuffy editors of the TIMES have forgotten the lessons of the recent past. It might not be to the same degree as it was in Vietnam, but the insurgents are the fish in the water of a sympathetic population.


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