“Military Seeks Slower Pace To Wrap Up Afghan Role” (TIMES, 8/12/10)

         According to some “experts” in the U.S armed forces, “we’ve been in Afghanistan for nine years” but “only in the past 12 months or so we have started doing this right” (emphasis mine). Has Donald Quagmire Rumsfeld been told that he did not know what he was doing?

          Since these “experts in the art of counterinsurgency” have only started to do it right, will it be another nine years before they can claim victory?

          Why don’t we give these experts the rapid promotions they are seeking and the promise of a good corporate position when they retire, then allow other, more sensible people, to devise a safe exit strategy?

          With a little determination, the U.S. could be out of the Afghanistan by year’s end or by 6/30/11 at the latest.

          1207 U.S service members have already died there. Enough is enough.


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