“Key Karzai Aide In Graft Inquiry Is Linked To CIA” (TIMES, 8/26/10)

          How can those Americans who call themselves patriots ever suspicious of the government continue to support the Af-Pak-Iraq conflict? Such “patriots” are hypocrites who follow in lock step the dictates of the conservatives in Congress.

          The recent exposure of Mohammed Zia Salehi, former henchman of warlord thug Abdul Rashid Dostum, as a CIA informant who has been involved in stealing precious aid money to enrich wealthy Afghans living in Dubai reveals how little has been accomplished by this so-called “necessary war.”

          Meanwhile, two more young Americans were listed in that little box headed “Names of the Dead,” both from small towns in the United States, the “heartland” of the country.

          Where is the condemnation from the Tea Partiers? Aren’t CIA spooks and ambitious senior military officers government officials?


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