“Inside Corrupt-istan” by Dexter Filkins (TIMES, 9/5/10)

          Congratulations to Dexter Filkins for still another exposé of the rampant corruption in Afghanistan and the continued U.S. connection to questionable “leaders” there.

          Apparently, it is the CIA that favors doing business with such gangsters, arguing that someone like Mother Theresa would be of no value. This cynical view, often portrayed as “realistic” by CIA spooks who are rarely identified, has guided U.S. foreign policy for far too long.

          Sometime soon the “agency” will need to be exposed as an organization of Cold Warriors still peddling their stale dictums about how to defend “freedom” throughout the world.

          The CIA was never about freedom; it was about winning. Wild Bill Donovan, its founder, was a well-connected Wall Street lawyer who would have had Mother Theresa strangled to advance a CIA program.

          For all the ink expended about the agency, how much is known about its actual objectives? Does it seek the triumph of democracy or the protection of capitalism?


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