“Obama Opposing Any Compromise On Bush Tax Cuts” (TIMES, 9/8/10)

          Help big business; it’s the centrist thing to do! Preserve the tax breaks of the wealthiest of U.S. citizens. Let them hide their money in offshore banks and, by all means, reward them for their wasteful business practices.

          It’s a good thing there’s no workingclass in the USA. They might protest against how they are being exploited, The middleclass (i.e., not the very wealthy) can be relied upon to placate the rulingclass (i.e., the owners of the means of production, the banks, insurance companies, transportation titans, etc.). 

          When the political leaders of both major parties have been ignoring the workers so consistently and for so long a time, is it any wonder that they have disappeared? With the workingclass made invisible by the thieves who run the economy, there is no urgency in addressing their needs. 

          Ain’t democracy grand?


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