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“Karzai May Compromise On Ban of Private Guards” (TIMES, 10/25/10)

October 25, 2010

          If Afghan president Hamid Karzai has changed his mind about withdrawing private guards from his country by the end of  the year, it is because he knows that neither the NATO forces nor his own army and police can provide adequate security.

          It is also an admission that the U.S. forces will be needed beyond 2011 in order to protect all the different ventures operating there.

          It is acknowledgment that a secure Afghanistan is a pipedream. Short of bombing the country back to the Stone Age (ala Curtis LeMay), making it secure anytime soon is not in the cards.

          Afghanistan is a quagmire. The more U.S. leaders throw their weight around, the deeper they sink into the muck.


“The Way We Treat Our Troops” by Bob Herbert (TIMES, 10/23/10)

October 25, 2010

          Kudos to Bob Herbert for his critique of those patriots who demonstrates their ardor by “chanting U-S-A! U-S-A!” at sports events but show little concern about the physical and psychological welfare of the troops.

          Anybody who reads the fatality reportsthat regularly appear in the pages of the TIMES knows that most of the victims are small town youngsters. They enlisted in the military beceause they had no real options after graduating from high school.

          Like Jessica Lynch, they choose a stint in the armed forces as the path to a college education and decent employment.

          Only an arrogant martinet like former Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld could think they were “doing what they wanted” when they “enlisted.” 

          It is time to repundiate the wrong-headed policies of the shadow presidency

“Rare And Foolish” by Paul Krugman (TIMES, 10/18/10)

October 18, 2010

          According to Paul Krugman “fecklessness of U.S policy makers” enabled the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to acquire “a stranglehold” on vital natural resources.

           This happened while Deng Xiaoping was in charge of the PRC government, which he attained because he was already the leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) apparatus and supported by the USA (the latter preferring him to the CCP leftwing).

          When Deng, who had been denounced  as the leading capitalist-roader during the Cultural Revolution, encouraged the development of capitalist ventures under the slogan “to get rich is glorious,” an opportunity was presented to U.S. corporate leaders to close domestic plants, move production to the PRC and sell their products back to American consumers.

          In other words, the PRC as a ruthless competitor in the world market is in great part the creation of the giant corporations. Opposing revolution made them ready to tolerate any force, no matter how dangerous to world harmony (e.g.,the Fascists during the interwar period and the “capitalist-roaders” when they returned to power).

          Therefore, should Krugman be blaming weak “policy makers” for the China problem or should he be revealing in more detail the role of the actual culprits?

“Accused G.I’s Were Isolated From Officers” (TIMES, 10/16/10)

October 18, 2010

          It looks like staff Sgt. Calvin Gibs will take the fall for atrocities committed by himself and the soldiers he commanded in Afghanistan.

          The officers in charge, Capt, Matthrw Quiggle, Lt.Col. Jeffrey Franch and Col. Harry D. Tunnell IV, are not “under investigation.” Shouldn’t they be?

          They smelled the hashish smoke but figured it was the Afghans, not the U.S. troops under their command! Weren’t these soldiers users while still stationed in the USA?

          This “necessary war” in Afghanistan is revealing situations where the senior officers are out of harm’s way, not in touch with what their subordinates are doing and get promoted just the same, then pass through the revolving door between a military career and a lucrative corporate position.

          If the smell of hashish isn’t noticed, surely the stink from this quagmire would, as the Chinese say, reach all the 

“Across the U.S. a Long Recovery Looks Like a Recession” (TIMES, 10/13/10)

October 18, 2010

          What is happening to the English language in the USA, where it is the official means of communication?

          If a “long recovery” (?) resembles a “recession,” why is it identified that way? What is it that’s recovering?

          And again we read that “this recession has been more severe than any since the Great Depression.” That being the case, shouldn’t the media refer to it as a depression?

          If a physician diagnosis a compound fracture as a mild sprain, the patient will not b


“The Paralysis of the State” by David Brooks (TIMES, 10/12/10)

October 18, 2010

          Republicans and conservatives support police and prison guard unions. They also support big government in the service of the military and the corporations. Is David Brooks really unaware of that?

          It is not “demosclerosis” that undermines good government but those bought representatives beholden to the corporate agenda that makes the rich richer. 

          It is not a question of “this but no that”; it is the hope that someday the U.S> government might function like the democracy it claims to be.

“Public Jobs Drop Amid Slowdown In Private Hiring” (TIMES, 10/9/10)

October 18, 2010

          The United States needs a massive federal jobs program

“Afghans Linked To The Taliban Guard U.S. Bases” (TIMES, 10/8/10)

October 18, 2010

         How many more horror stories about Afghanistan do the American people have to read to protest against the idiocy of fighting a war there?

          Is the rightwing propaganda apparatus that strong? Are the Tea Partyers that dumb? Are all the senior officers in our armed forces only concerned about their climb up the career ladder?

          U.S. armed forces invaded Afghanistan a decade ago and nothing much has happened to improve the political and social situation there. And the money being poured into this sewer ends up in the wrong hands. 

          “The Department of Defense has identified 1306 American service members who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations.”

          Absent a light at the end of the tunnel, wouldn’t it make more sense to devise an exit strategy from this nightmare provided by a shadow presidency?

          For the progressive forces in the USA, we have to be in the streets soon. The honeymoon with Obama ends on Election Day, no matter what the outcome of the vote.

“Ex Diplomat Who Advised Kurds Gets Millions in Oil Deal” (TIMES, 10/7/10)

October 18, 2010

          The representatives of the New World Order are nothing if not artful, so it is no surprise that Peter W. Galbraith would deny “conflict of interest” in his relations with the kurds.

          As a supposidly objective negotiator in the employ of the U.S. government, Galbraith “helped the Kurds…gain nearly complete control over all new oil field in the north” (of Iraq).

          Though claiming to be an “unpaid advisor of interest but also a revelation that the Kurdish Autonomous Region is further along on the road to complete independence of Iraqi control.”

          The Obama administration should keep in close touch with Galbraith. He may know a lot about the Kurdish leadership annd how commited it is to the unified Iraq that the USA supposidly en

“The soft side” by David Brooks (TIMES, 10/5/10)

October 18, 2010

          Rahm Emanuel is a “warmhearted Machiavellian”! That will surely go down as one of the most blatant oxymorons in the annals of journalism.

          It forces one to ask: was this column excerpted from a job application? Does this mean David Brooks will be leaving the TIMES to serve as Rahm Emanuel’s press secretary?

          If so, that would be a doubleplay for progressives! The Obama administration is rid of Emanuel and Brooks will be gone from the TIMES.

          Things are looking up!