“Bloomberg Vows To Help Bolster Political Center” by Michael Barbaro (TIMES, 9/19/10)

          Congratulations to the News Editors for the appearance of this piece by Michael Barbaro, who I hope is not in the employ of New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. One cannot be too careful these days because what we have expressed in this article is how more deeply entrenched the Rightwing-Centrist Dictatorship (RCD) has become.

          The RCD limits the political options of American voters to a political spectrum that extends from reactionary on the right to moderate on the left. Any opinion to the left of moderate-centrist is not viable and often depicted as unrealistic (at best) or subversive (at worst). Moreoever, this situation, when viewed dynamically, continues to drift rightward as the political forces are engaged. Yesterday’s centrist-moderate is today’s radical, meaning anybody to the left of the Republican Party is suspected of being a Communist.

          Bloomberg, who many voters may see as a realistic “doer,” is well situated (and well-healed) to take advantage of this political climate, especially since he has eyes for Washington  and the presidency is the only job “he would want.” Though Bloomberg calls himself an “independent,” he is actively backing the re-election of Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, whose critics are already saying is “too cozy with Wall Street.” Supporting the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate could pay big dividends for this presidential aspirant when the right time for a third party does roll around.

          This movement for a “sensible candidate” recruited from the business community has been with us for a long time. Bloomberg can easily be portrayed as a take-charge guy who will break the gridlock in the capital and save the USA from the unrealistic forces now controlling it. A lot of centrists from both major parties will swallow his line. He could be the white knight who will rescue the “middleclass” (read:good guys) from the nasty extremists on the left and the right.

          That’s nonsense, of course; a Bloomberg presidency will continue to ignore the needs of the vast U.S. workingclass. In fact, the disfranchisement of workers, which is already quite advanced, will make his election a distinct possibility.


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