“U.S. Debates Karzai’s Place In Graft Fight” (TIMES, 9/15/10)

          Oh, the language of those ubiquitous officials who “advise” the Afghan government and oversee it at the same time! We are told that the investigation of corruption cases has “paused” and that Obama wants a “more ‘sophisticated’ policy towards Afghan corruption.”

          Translation: stop slapping Karzai’s hand away from the till. If we don’t allow this puppet of the New World Order to steal, he won’t fight the Taliban. On the other hand, the more he and his cohorts steal, the more Afghans are alienated from his government, some even gravitating toward the Taliban.

          Obama’s “necessary war” cannot be won. At the first opportunity, he has to change his mind about this quagmire created by the shadow presidency. Blame Rumsfeld, blame fate, but initiate an exit strategy ASAP!


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