“We Haven’t Hit Bottom Yet” by Bob Herbert (TIMES, 9/25/10)

          Kudos to Bob Herbert for his knock on “the data zealots in their windowless rooms,” those fools who claim that the “Great Recession has long since ended.”

          However, I am bothered by this perceptive journalist’s  continued use of the term “Great Recession” (always capitalized) to describe the most serious  economic downturn in the USA since World War II.

          Though I have never seen a precise explanation of what constitutes a Great Recession, it is obvious by now that those who use the term mean it is worse than a recession but not as bad as a depression.

          But aren’t these weasel words? Does Great Recession mean a more serious recession or does it hide the existence of a depression? Will the next term used by journalists be mild depression?

          With all the fools and liars in the media who misindorm the public, 


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