“Accused G.I’s Were Isolated From Officers” (TIMES, 10/16/10)

          It looks like staff Sgt. Calvin Gibs will take the fall for atrocities committed by himself and the soldiers he commanded in Afghanistan.

          The officers in charge, Capt, Matthrw Quiggle, Lt.Col. Jeffrey Franch and Col. Harry D. Tunnell IV, are not “under investigation.” Shouldn’t they be?

          They smelled the hashish smoke but figured it was the Afghans, not the U.S. troops under their command! Weren’t these soldiers users while still stationed in the USA?

          This “necessary war” in Afghanistan is revealing situations where the senior officers are out of harm’s way, not in touch with what their subordinates are doing and get promoted just the same, then pass through the revolving door between a military career and a lucrative corporate position.

          If the smell of hashish isn’t noticed, surely the stink from this quagmire would, as the Chinese say, reach all the 


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