“Coalition That Vaulted Democrats Into Power Has Frayed, Poll FInds” (TIMES, 10/28/10)

          Trying to learn how the general public thinks is a difficult task, which a sampling from “1173 adults” does little to help.

          If “almost 9 in 10 respondents said they considered government spending to be an important issue,” how can they accept the huge military budget? Why don’t they question the high cost of private security forces operating in the Af-Pak-Iraqi region?

          Other reports of public opinion indicate that many Americans show little interest in the war there; yet, these same people want less government spending. An effort has to be made to explain such a contradiction which means the TIMES has to try harder. 

          I suspect a steady stream of misinformation is the cause of the public confusion. The resulting confusion serves the goals of the corporate elite that runs this country, an elite that takes its cue from the ghost of Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister who said that a lie repeated often enough would be believed.


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