“The Focus Hocus-Pocus” by Paul Krugman, (TIMES, 11/5/10)

          Yes, Evan Bayh was whining like a blue dog recently and has no solutions to the problems Obama is facing.

          Yes, Paul Krugman warned us last year that Obama’s proposals “were nowhere near bold enough.”

          Therefore, that boldness has to be demonstrated now. The b est way to do that is to issue a call for a massive federal jobs program as the top priority for the remainder of his term in office. Included in that call should be the assertion that private enterprise cannot put enough people to work.

          Furthermore, there can be no talk of assuring Obama’s re-election. That will only distract him from doing his job.  His term of office does not end until January 20, 2013, so we expect him to be at his post until then with all his focus on performing his duties to the fullest extent.

          When I voted for Obama in November 2008, it was for FOUR years, not eight. If I’m dissatisfied with his performance by November 2012, I’ll support some other candidate (though not a Republican or a conservative), which could mean during the nominating process.

          I repeat, we gave the Democrats four years. There are still two left. They should get busy and focus on the task before them.


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