“Tone-Deaf in D.C.” by Bob Herbert (TIMES, 11/6/10)

          “The Democrats are…a party that lacks spine,” according to Bob Herbert and he is correct.

          If the Democrats want to energize their ranks, the party has to deal with the issues that most concern working people.  On the top of the list right now is secure employment at decent wages. Therefore, the top priority of the Democrats should be a massive federal jobs program which will alleviate the suffering and stimulate the economy. 

          Even if it is defeated by a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and their Blue Dog lackeys, the Democrats who stayed home on Election Day will see their party fighting for the progressive program it claims to support. The longer and harder the fight, the better the chances are to win back the disaffected Democrats.

          No more waiting for the right polling results. Though the minority party in the House, the Democrats are strong enough, even without the contemptible Blue Dogs, to show some fight.

          However, if the Democrats only lick their wounds, whine about the bought media and curry favor with the conservative minority in the party, the Republicans will surely win the election in 2012.


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