“U.S Tweaks Message: Troops Will Still Be in Afghanistan in 2014” By Elizabeth Bumiller (TIMES, 11/11/10)

          The Indians of the American wild west, at least in the movies of my youth, would complain when betrayed: “The great white father (i.e., the U.S president) speaks with forked tongue.”

          Obama’s mishandling of the mess in the Af-Pak-Iraqi region of Asia continues to worsen. First he claimed the war in Afghanistan was necessary, which was clearly a sop to the conservative democrats in his ranks upset about the promised withdrawal from Iraq. Then he put his trust in his ambitious senior officer to squeeze a victory (or the perception of one) from the stalemate in Afghanistan. Now he is reneging on the promised exit from that battleground next summer.

          The withdrawal from Iraq proved to be a fiction; the sme can be said for Afghanistan. He has made the mess of the shadow presidency his own and it wil continue to cost him dearly. Though there is time for his to push for the progressive program he promised us, if he doesn’t get it underway soon, he might be another one-term president.

         Will the Democrats even bother to re-nominate him?


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