“Let’s Not Make a Deal” by Paul Krugman (TIMES, 12/6/10)

          Paul Krugman is correct in saying Obama “should draw a line in the sand, right here, right now” by extending benefits for the unemployed  and letting tax cuts for the wealthiest expire. Both moves are essential, not only in the short run but in the long term as well.

          Unemployment insurance will not only bring relief to people who are suffering, it will also pump money into the economy. The money the wealthiest Americans have been amassing due to tax reductions has not “trickled down” into the economy, so why continue giving it to them?

          Obama and the Democrats in Congress have to stand firm. No more compromising with the Party of NO. If the Republicans rally the votes to defeat this firm stance, the people will see who it is that is causing their suffering and blocking the possibility of an economic recovery.


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