“Obama’s Very Good Week” by David Brooks (TIMES, 12/10/10)

          “Cluster liberals”? “Network liberals”? How David Brooks does babble on! Well, I guess it is what we should expect from this conservative hack who believes in the existence of “warmhearted” Machiavellians (see TIMES, 10/5/10).

          Praising Obama as a network liberal, as a player in the “real” world of politics, for his recent capitulation to the rightwingers in Congress, belies his claim to being a “moderate conservative.”

          The money the government just lost by extending the tax cuts for the wealthiest in U.S. society could have reduced the debt conservatives like Brooks continually howl about.

          And while the unemployment insurance will not only relieve the suffering of working people and be rapidly put in circulation (thus stimulating the economy), the big bucks doled out to the rich will end up in the bank to increase their interest earnings.

          By cutting this deal, Obama has weakened his position, thus opening the door to more outrageous demands by the Republican Party.


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