“Afghan Review Finds Progress Remains Frail” (TIMES, 12/17/10)

          “The White House reports on Afghan strategy…reports some real military gains, but acknowledges that they remain fragile.” If the gains are fragile, how can they be called real? More doubletalk from our government.

          “NATO troops will need more time to achieve their goals” follows on the heels of the above assertions. In a war already nine years old, how much time will still be necessary? And shouldn’t that be British and German troops? There is not much of a commitment from the formidable-sounding North Atlantic Treaty Organization. More misinformation that contradicts any progress being made.

          In that little box headed “Names of the Dead,” often printed alongside such misinformation, we read that there are now “1421 American service members who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations.”

          Moreover, according to a “” senior fellow for defense strategy at the Council on Foreign Relations…private security companies (mercenaries like Xe Services) cannot keep the peace either.

          Obama should rue the day he said the war in Afghanistan is “necessary.” Will he be booted out of office beause of this statement, as Carter was during the Iranian hostage crisis?

          ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE dead and still little sign of progress! MAy the blue dogs in the Democratic Party choke on their wakeup coffee as they read “All the News That’s Fit to Print”!


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