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“Emanuel Is Back on the Ballot; Court Takes Case on Eligibility” (TIMES, 1/26/11)

January 26, 2011

          When you have friends in high places, the red tape sis cut away in no time at all. Feisty Bantam cock Rahm Emanuel wantsto be mayor of Chicago! Nobody better stand in his way; the voting regulations can be set aside for this big shot.

          Why even bother with the expense of an election? Doesn’t the frontrunner in Chicago usualy come in first? Save the taxpayers the money and go right to the inauguration with Emanuel arriving at the ceremony mounted on a white horse, trumpets blaring in the background. That way everybody will know the good guy won.

          Al Capone is smiling from the grave. Another B


“Blackwater Founder Said to Back Mercenaries” (TIMES, 1/21/11)

January 26, 2011

          Erik Prince is back in the news, including a new photo, this one without the fuhrer lock brushng the left side of his forehead ala Adolf Hitler.

          The claim being made for this mercenary bigwig is that he wants to “overcome the scourge of piracy.” In fact, Prince is a reactionary thug who can supply well-trained soldiers who fight for very high  wages, so are usually on the payrolls of the big corporations who are the real pirates in the world today.

          He has been hiding out in Abu Dhabi to “make it harder for the jackals” to get his money and to be in position “to find opportunities in ‘the energy field'”;i.e., his Xe Services company will provide hired guns to the oil industry.

          Can’t the U.S. government do something about this soldier of fortune?

“Support Expected for Plan To Beef Up Afghan Forces” (TIMES, 1/17/11)

January 19, 2011

          The expectation to expand Afghanistan’s “army and police forces to up to 378,000 personnel by October 2012” sounds like a pipe dream, given the history of such efforts in the decade since the U.S. invasion.

          The optimistic figures quted in the article are numbers on a page, not bodies on the ground. The Afghan government, with the help of its “international partners,” can round up some of that number, but giving them adequate training and keeping them loyal to the Kabul government is another matter altogether.

          When the going gets tough , many of these recruits will get going; under duress, battalions will become companies and companies will become platoons. Often the desserters will take their valuable equipment along with them when they go AWOL, thus serving as the supply units of the insurgents.

          Meanwhile, “1443 American service members …have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations.” It is all there in the pages of your newspaper. If your editorial staff would just connnect the dots, a clearpicture of the actual stiuations woud be revealed to your readers.

“Biden assures Karzai Of Aid From U.S. Beyond 2014” (TIMES, 1/12/11)

January 12, 2011

          First, we were told the U.S. would be pulling out of Afghanistan in the summer of 2011, then we learned that it would be 2014 before our forces leave and now the vice-president is saying U.S. troops will remain beyond 2014 “if the Afghan people want it.”

          What if the American people don’t want it? 1440 U.S. service members have already died in this war President Obama hastily claimed was “necessary” and there is no end in sight.

          Will General David Petraeus be the Republican Party presidential candidate in 2012 (or 2016), the way General George McClellan was the Democratic candidate in 1864?

          Wasn’t it a Republican president who warned us of a military-industrial complex someday ruling this country?

“Misery With Plenty of Company” by Bob Herbert (TIMES, 1/8/11)

January 12, 2011

          Kudos to Bob Herbert for his observation that the “politicians and the media behave as if the poor don’t exist” here in the United States. In fact, the ranks of the poor “are spreading like a wildfire in a drought.” And very little is being done about it by the Obama administration.

          Instead, Obama is taking on more aides (e.g., WIlliam Daley and Gene Sperling) who favor assisting business. The Cinton shadow is darkening his presidency, Hillary at the state Department and the gray eminence himself asserting

“After Heart Procedure, Cheney Re-emerges With New Outlook” (TIMES, 1/5/11)

January 12, 2011

          “With George W. Bush having decided to stay largely silent during Mr. Obama’s tenure, Mr. Cheney embraced the role of public critic…” 

          Of course! Are the editors of the TIMEs surprised by that fact? During the Republican administration of 2001-2009, Dick Cheney functioned as the actual chief executive, so it is no wonder that now he is upstaging the former titular president by serving the GOP as their main attack dog on Democrats.

          I sincerely hope a heart is found for Dick Cheney so that he can continue to reveal more evidence of the existence of a shadow presidency once ruling the USA. That revelation should open peope’

“The Economy in 2011” (TIMES, 1/2/11)

January 12, 2011

          “The economy is growing, but for many Americans life is not getting better” is painfully typical of recent reporting.  What does it mean?

          If life is not impriving, how can we be sure the economy “is growing”? The more ink is expended to explain the current economic situation, the more garbled is the message.

          If two million homes “will probably be lost in 2011, on top of 6.8 million homes lost in the bust so far,” how can we speak of a “recovery”?

          Stop the doubletalk! Give it to us straight: if massive job creation is not implemented soon, the economy is apt to get worse, not better.

“Accounts Diverge Sharply In Night Raid Gone Wrong” by Michael Kamber (TIMES, 12/29/10)

January 12, 2011

          “Who’s’ on first;” ‘I don’t know’s’ on second,” was the old Abbott and Costello vaudeville routine. The American people need to know who is actually doing the fighting and how that combat is really going in the entire Afghan-Pakistan theater of operations.

          What we need to understand what is actually happening in this extensive war zone is a clear report of the military personnel, regular and irregular. The saying at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn was: “You can’t follow the game without a scorecard.” That way you would know who’s on first and who’s at bat, or whether the right pitcher is on the mound.

          In this early-morning raid on a Kabul office building on 12/24/10, precisely who was  involved and how many of them were there? Is there a difference between a NATO coalition army and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF)? Are there U.S.  units in either of these two? Is the Afghan Tiger Group an irregular armed force? Was the Afghan militia there too?

          If the news isn’t clear, it is not fit to print, all your boasting to the contrary notwithstanding. The readers need a scorecard. The TIMES has the information to put one together and print it on a regular basis.

          Do your job!