“Job Gains Slow Even As Recovery Looks Stronger” by Motoko Rich (TIMES,2/5/11)

The concluding sentence of Motoko Rich’s labored article contradicts the claim that the “recovery looks stronger” and it comes from no less a figure than Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke. The chairman said: “until we see a sustained period of job creation, we cannot consider the recovery to be truly established.”

We don’t need anymore discombobulation from those Bob Herbert calls “data zealots.” Their constant juggling of numbers disembodied from real people makes their message unclear. A person no longer looking for a job is still unemployed so cannot be dropped from an assessment of the present economic situation. Failure to consider such people, making them disappear, is an exercise in self-deception.

    Reporting like this is misleading. It contradicts the TIMES’ boast of printing “all the news that’s fit to print”; though it cannot hide the fact that the private sector is unable (or unwilling) to initiate the recovery that is possible.

   Only a massive federal jobs program can end the suffering and jump start the economy.


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