“Make Everybody Hurt” by David Brooks (TIMES, 2/22/11)

“Walker’s critics r eamusingly Orwellian” and “the left…has suddenly embraced extralegal obstructionism,” bleats moderate (?) conservative David Brooks self-righteously, then bellows that the “Republcan majorities in Wisconsin were elected.”

Legally elected, yes; but from a level playing field, no. With the formidable assistance of the Supreme Court, the electoral system in the United States has been undermined by the power of the moneyed class. To be precise, the election in Wisconsin was purchased. What else could the democratic forces (not party) do to counter the might of the oligarchy?

The weak Democratic Party, guided by a policy aimed at plcating its Blue Dog minority, cannot effectively stand up to the reactionary strategy being implemented by the GOP. When the leadership becomes as pusillanimous as the politicians heading the party of Jefferson, it is the time for the rank and file to come to the fore with “extralegal obstructionism.”

How incredible it is that an experienced hournalist like Brooks is so blind to the malfunctioning of our democratic system. It is no doubt the reason he rarely gives any attention to major political players like the koch  brothers and thinks we have a genuine democracy.

Is he being naive or artful?


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