“Gates Says Allies Shirk Afghan Duty” by Elizabeth Bumiller (TIMES, 3/12/11)

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates thinks the U.S. forces will soon have “home field advantage” in Afghanistan! And did he tell off the coalition of the unwilling!

However, “There was no immediate reaction from the allies,” Bumiller reported (apparently with a straight face), “and it remains unclear how much they will be swayed by Mr. Gates’s words.”

Really? It’s my guess that these so-called allies, every one of the 48, won’t be swayed at all. Doesn’t Bumiller, one of the better reporters in Afghanistan, know that by now?

The fighting in Afghanistan, such as it is, is being done by the U.S. forces with a little help from the British. The others in this “coalition” are watching it on television.


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