“Amid Rubble in Capital From Attacks, Hints of a Changed Atmosphere” by David D. Kirkpatrick (TMES, 3/23/11)

Many of the Libyan citizens of Tripoli who are being armed for “defense against the rebels” are “from poor neighborhoods known for strong support of Qaddafi,” David D. Kirkpatrick informs us.

Is this only the case in Tripoli or does Qaddafi elicit the same support in Benghazi, the rebel “capital,” and in other Libyan cities with significant workingclasses?

Do the rebels have any appeal to such people? If not, why not?

Since in the past the United States supported Muslim zealots and other conservative elements in their struggle against progressive change, usually in the guise of an anti-communist crusade, it would have been helpful if Kirkpatrick had addressed this issue.

Who are these rebels?


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