The United States goes to war again, but it will be a “limited and finite” one. There will be no American ground troops and it will only be for “days not weeks.” Our leaders think attacks from the Air Force and the Navy for some days will be enough to do the job!

While the British and French governments sided with the USA to secure the 10 to 5 vote for this action, Brazil, China, GErmay, India, and Russia abstained, which is not exactly the unity that is needed for a decision to go to war.

Will this be a nother coalition of the unwilling? Can victory really be won in “days, not weeks”? Will those missiles fired from U.S. ships patrolling the waters near Libya only destroy Qaddafi’s tanks and artillery or will innocent civilians be the main targets?

Afghanistan is the “necessary war,” Iraq is the unnecessary (by implication) war, so will the attack on Libya be a “surgical strike”? If memory serves me right, that was the way the attack on te Vietnamese port of Vinh in 964 was described; or was it the Marine landing in the Dominican Republic in 965?


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