“NATO Takes Lead on Libya Campaign; Obama Defends His Policy” (TIMES, 3/26/11)

“The London meeting of coalition foreign policy ministers…left unresolved…how long the campaign (against Qaddafi’s forces) will last.”

When this operation began a week ago, President Obama assuered us it would be settled in a matter of “days, not weeks”; however, in the 3/25/11 issue of the TIMES, French foreign minister stated that this intervention would take weeks but would “certainly not” be for months.

So, can we conclude that the Libyan question will be settled by the end of April? And will that mean Qaddafi is removed from power or will some kind of deal be worked out with him to guarantee security there?

Meanwhile, it looks like Syria is the next country about to rebel against what some commentators refer to as the “New World Order” (i.e., an international political system directed by the United States).

If the TIMES would reveal more about the New World Order, it might enlighten the American public about 


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