“The President Is Missing” by Paul Krugman (TIMES, 4/11/11)

Kudos to Paul Krugman for calling attention to Obama’s unwillingness to take a stronger stand against the Republican attack dogs in the House of Representatives.

Indeed, if he doesn’t put up more of a fight soon, we maybe lookig at another one-term president. After what happened in Wisconsin and other mid-western states, there appeared to be an opening for a stronger stand fron the administration. Alas, that has not happened!

Of course, Obama will lose any vote in the House, what with the Reublicans voting in lock step against progressive legislation, but making the effort will keep his supporters in the fray, which could be a long one.

It would help if perceptive writers like Krugman would clarify the actual condition of the U.S. economy. When it is being asserted that the recovery began in the Spring of 2009 (though is still anemic!), the impression is given that the economic downtuwn has been halted.



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