“Pakistan Pushes For Drastic Cuts In CIA Activity” (TIMES, 4/12/11)

           Though “more than $1 billion in American assistance a year” goes to the Pakistani military, little progress has been made in defeating “a host of militant groups” operating in the tribal areas along the Afghan-Pakistan border region. Despite that fact, Pakistan is demanding drastic cuts in CIA operations there, especially in the use of drones.

          If the Pakistani military restrains the CIA and restricts the use of drones, it will ultimately lead to more casualties to the regular U.S. forces. To date, “1515 American service members” have died in this so-called “necessary war” and there is still no light visible at the end of the tunnel.

          How much bad news does the U.S. need to realize that an exit strategy from the Af-Pak-Iraq region is the only course of action remaining?


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