“U.S. Relations With Pakistan Falter in Rift Over Drone Strikes” by Jane Perlez (TIMES, 4/18/11)

Kudos to Jane Perlez for another exposé of the uneasy alliance between the United States and Pakistan in the struggle with the Taliban. They are obviously working at cross purposes.

At the Pakistani Army headquarters, they even mock General Petraeus’s “perceived political ambitions” by referring to him as “Mr. Pretaeus.” And, because of mutual distrust, the U.S. and Pakistan “have refused to share information on targets” for drone strikes.

They also disagree about the size of the Afghan army, with the U.S. wanting it to be four times as large as Pakistan wants. Meanwhile, 1519 U.S. service members have died in the Afghan War.

With the situation going so badly, will the U.S. really begin to withdraw its forces this year?


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