“Director Petraeus to Face Different Culture at CIA” (TIMES, 4/28/11)

It seems like a futile endeavor to speculate on what kind of CIA director General David H. Petraeus will make when he assumes that position. His stay there will probably be a short one meant to flesh out his credentials as the next presidential hopeful of the Republican Party.

Whether he enters the race in 2012 or 2016 might not be settled yet, but he is certainly on the GOP’s list on candidates.

How the party wiseguys convince the faux populists in their ranks that Petraeus is the second Eisenhower remains to be seen, which may cause them to delay his candidacy until 2016.

Surely, Petraeus would not like that. Having the spotlight now means he has to get the nominaton for the 2012 election, a spossibility made more lieky by the repid respoense to the declred candidates.


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