“The politics of Solipsism” by David Brooks (TIMES, 5/6/11)

          “The first citizens of this country erected institutions to protect themselves from their own shortcomings,” claims David Brooks.

          Were these the same “citizens” who condoned the institution of slavery and denied full citizenship to women?

          How does David Brooks view the Koch brothers? Do they have “modest faith” in themselves? Is that the reason they fund faux populists like the  tea partiers?

          Ordinary Americans, variously identified as the middle or working class, have needs (not “desires”) that motivate what they think and do. They need gainful employment and access to health care.

          Conservative Americans generally do all they can to prevent that from happening. “Moderate” (his word) conservative Brooks seems to do all he can to obfuscate what his fellow conservatives are usually up to. He does so with a lot of philosophical preaching. At bottom, his “public spiritedness” sounds like a soft fascism; he seems to be arguing for a controlling elite to check the “desires” of the masses.


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