Profile of a Caviar Socialist (TIMES, 5/18/11)

          Married to a woman “who inherited a fortune from her grandfather,” currently resides in a Georgetown house “bought in 2007 for $4 million,” jointly owns “two apartments in France,” one “that costs 4 million euros ($5.7 million)” and the other bought for “$2.5 million euros ($3.5 million),” as well as a “private house in Marrakesh, Morocco, bought for 500,000 euros ($706,000).” Earns a “salary of about $442,000,” tax-free and has “an expense allowance of $79,120.” Has a reputation as a “tough-minded manager who did not shy from making tough decisions. He cut his IMF’s staff by 400 to reduce costs.” The scene of his assault on that hotel maid was a suite in the Sofitel New York that rented for $3000 a night.

          It is difficult to believe that a priviledged putz like Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who obviously enjoyed all the comforts in his (and his wife’s) money could buy while denying others their liivelihood in the name of economic efficiency (“austerity measures” is usualy the phrase in IMF pronouncements), could actually claim to be a socialist. Worse yet,


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