“Hearing Over a Consumer Bureau Descends Into Sharp Accusations” (TIMES, 5/25/11)

          Is it any wonder that Elizabeth Warren, a leading spokesperson for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is getting heat from Republican Congressman Patrick T. McHenry?

          Trying to protect consumers from a business community that profits above everything else has always been anathema to the Grand Old Party.

          McHenry’s charge that Elizabeth Warren seeks to “disregard Congressional oversight” is disingenious. This congressman and the majority of his Republican comrades consistently  vote in lockstep against any genuine supervision of business practices.

          Dogmatic and party loyal as any Stalinist I have ever met, Republican stormtroopers like McHenry would support business directly into piracy. Instead of wearing the Old Glory pin in the lapels of their expensive suits, they should display the Jolly Roger medal there.


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