“Medicare Survival Guide” by David Brooks (TIMES, 5/27/11)

Oh, how David Brooks worries about fiscal responsibility! It could move one to tears, especially when he warns that “whichever party demagogues best wins.”

What nonsense that is! Everybody knows the Republicans can out demagogue the Democrats nine times out of ten, mainly beceause they have much more money to peddle their demagogy; yet, they still lose elections (as in 2008 and the recent one in New York’s 26th Congressional District).

Then, he asserts that “Republicans need to re-connect with the working  class”! Surely Brooks doesn’t mean the way they did in Wisonsin. Though there are workers who shy away from labor unions for a variety of reasons, they know that breaking them will no help the working class. In the deepest recesses of their hearts, even the most opportunist workers (those who want the protection a union offers but fear becoming members or have phihlosophical arguements with the left in general) know that if the unions disappear, they will be at the mercy of profit-hungry entrepreneurs  always ready to cut wages and ebenfits.

But, to get back to this fiscally responsible “moderate” (at his insistence) conservative, can we expect that when criticism of military spending comes up, as is bound to happen when U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq this year and Afghanistan soon after (we hope!) that he will sh


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