“With Departure Near, Gates Is Blunt in Assessment of U.S. Allies” (TIMES, 6/16/11)

What good is it to be “blunt” in assessing U.S. allies fifteen days before leaving the job?

When Leon Panetta takes over we will get his  accentuating the positive snow job misleading another congressional “investigation.”

We don’t need anymore hearings on the war in the Af-Pak-Iraq region to know that an exit strategy is the best course of action. Unfortunately, the cowardly Democratic Party leadership will allow the new scretary of defense to snow them, just as Gates did, into continuing support for the “surge” strategy.

Instead of asking testy questions of a hawk, Senator Patrick Leahy should be rallynig the Democrats to extricate the USA from the quagmire in which it is wallowing.

Out now! Bring the troops home


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