“Bitter Feud Between Top Iraqi Leaders Brings Government to a Standstill” (TIMES, 6/26/11)

The fact that Maliki and Allawi are not speaking to each other and there is no functioning government in Iraq fifteen months after an election is NO EXCUSE TO KEEP U.S. TROOPS in that sorry country beyond the deadline set by President Obama.

4462 U.S. service members have died there since the ill-conceived invasion was unleashed by the shadow presidency of 2001-2009, which has witnessed the making of a quagmire. Someday, probably in the distant future, the U.S. culprits who created this disaster will answer to a court of inquiry for their actions (leading suspects in the order of importance: Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush).

In addition to the lives being lost in this rightwing adventure, there is a financial cost that cannot be sustained by the present U.S. economy. Even the lackies of the military-industrial complex realize that. No country can wage permanent warfare, not even the rich and powerful United States.


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