“Brawl Erupts During Impeachment Talks in Afghanistan Parliament” (TIMES, 7/6/11)

While U.S service members continue to die in the so-called “necessary war” in Afghanistan, 1636 at last count (TIMES, 7/5/11), the Afghanis are no closer to forming a stable democratic government.

Though President Obama so identified this tragic war when he took office two years ago, the death of Osama bin Laden opened the door to a re-consideration.
Since there is little chance that the U.S. presence in Afghanistan will result in the establishment of a viable democratic nation, the price in lives and money has become much too high.
All U.S. troops should be extracted ASAP from this quagmire created by Donald Rumsfeld when he was Secretary of Defense. A safe exit strategy could have our troops out of there by the end of this year or by 6/30/12 at the latest.


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